• Chapter 1: “Silence”
    After a month searching, Commander Viktor and his crew track the source of a distress signal incoming from deep space. However, its location proves deadly.
  • Chapter 2: “Dive”
    The thrusters of the Zenith roared at full power as the ship charged at the restless clouds of Centauri Ab. As the entire bridge rattled and convulsed, Commander Viktor squeezed his seatbelt straps, palms drenching with sweat and cold drops sliding …
  • Chapter 3: “Descent”
    Deep inside the menacing pyroclastic clouds of Centauri Ab, Viktor and his crew board an abandoned alien vessel, ready for whatever might be waiting inside.
  • Chapter 4: “Encounter”
    Viktor and his crew continue deeper into the guts of the seemingly abandoned alien vessel. Even more questions pile up as they go, unfolding into unexpected encounter.
  • Chapter 5: “Sacrifice”
    The mission takes a turn for the worst, and Viktor and his crew find themselves running for their lives as a pyroclastic storm threatens to destroy the alien vessel.
  • Chapter 6: “Home”
    With a head full of haunting memories, Lucas struggles to carry on after the events of Centauri Ab. Luckily, his loved one is there to help him to get through.
  • Chapter 7: “Decision”
    Lucas returns to his normal life only to find out prior events he would rather forget are about to come back to haunt him with a vengeance.
  • Chapter 8: “Broken”
    The weeks after Chairman Arthur Solomon’s debriefing didn’t go easy on Lucas—nor anyone else at the Science and Research Division. Only but a fragment of the personnel remained on regular duty while the others plodded through endless hours of …
  • Chapter 9: “Fallen”
    A fuzz of rushed steps flash-flooded the hallways of Building B2 of the Science and Research Division as Lucas scrambled around searching for Lisa. His presence was almost profane to the quietness of the desolate offices, like the protagonist …
  • Chapter 10: “Brave”
    A flashlight beam swayed in the darkness as Izzy searched the storage room for anything of value; food, supplies, or anything that could make a useful tool. An all-day-long streak of bad luck had forced her there—to Residential Section C’s diner. …
  • Chapter 11: “Survivor”
    It was seven in the evening, and the tenth consecutive hour Nate had been sitting there, atop the former Residential Section D’s Apartment Building 8, waiting for his daughter’s return. Only a dark blanket wrapped around his body for camouflage …
  • Chapter 12: “Under”
    The next day, when the artificial sky was bright enough to wander safely, Izzy and her father packed up and made their way to Residential Section C. They arrived minutes past eight, and as soon as they emerged from below the containment door, Izzy …
  • Chapter 13: “Stranger”
    Flashlight beams waggled in the gloom like frenzied dancers while Izzy and her father raced through the underground maze for their lives. The splashing of their stepping on the stagnant water barely made it through the war cry of snarls, squeals, …
  • Chapter 14: “Outbreak”
    Izzy and her father returned to the shelter by nightfall with no further incidents. After an unusually quiet journey back home, they concluded that every lurker dwelling the surface went underground to join the hunt. And so, leaving the day behind a …
  • Chapter 15: “Unknowns”
    Nate had never been a man of violence. Anyone who knew him would deem the idea of him holding a weapon as absurd. But those were different times. After his world crumbled beneath his feet, adapting had become the only way to survival. Goliath …
  • Chapter 16: “High”
    Only second to the ion engines, the artificial sky of the habitat was the most complex piece of engineering aboard the Goliath and its sister generation starships. Hundreds of elongated panels lined up in rows throughout the ceiling, capable of …
  • Chapter 17: “Sentient”
    Back at ground level, Nate and his daughter encountered one last obstacle: a sturdy door unwilling to make their day any more manageable. He tried it a few times, but it didn’t budge. The knock of a finger on its surface produced a dull noise, …
  • Chapter 18: “Courage”
    All suited up, Izzy stood barely feet away from the crater of Residential Section E. She waited on her father to finish readying before hopping back onto the beam that nearly killed them the day before. As agreed, the party had left Research as soon …
  • Chapter 19: “Reconvene”
    Back at Residential Section D, Lucas and Izzy stormed into Building D8, panting their lungs off as they carried a wounded Nate back to the shelter. The first flight of stairs didn’t spare them any mercy, and there were four in total. One foot after …
  • Chapter 20: “Faith”
    The next week slugged as if Nate had been consumed by a time void where minutes stretched into hours and days became endless. He didn’t recall the last time he spent so long doing nothing other than eating and breathing. The monotony was …
  • Chapter 21: “Farewell”
    Lucas plunged through a well of darkness. Whether his eyes were open, he couldn’t tell. Sight, smell, taste, touch—all of his senses had abandoned him. In this realm, he existed and was nothing at once, suspended in a void where time had frozen. …
  • Chapter 22: “Conflict”
    As soon as Izzy heard the front door closing, she jumped out of bed and peered out her room. Rays of light intruded the living room outside through the crevices between the furniture barricading the windows like gleaming needles stabbing the gloom. …
  • Chapter 23: “Farther”
    Lucas grasped the rail and pulled himself further up the vertical passage, dim strips of light to each cardinal point guiding his path. After resting at the transport station and surviving to a surprise meal, he and Nate had resumed their journey to …
  • Chapter 24: “Plunge”
    It took Lucas and Nate half an hour to return to the transport station, where the lift waited for them at the center of the dome. Nate hadn’t uttered a single word during all that time. Like thermites on wood, countless questions feasted on Lucas’s …
  • Chapter 25: “Mother”
    The water in the glass before Lucas remained as still as his heart as he sat at the living room table. Izzy had offered it to him a while ago, but he hadn’t dared a sip, fearing it would be the last—it might also be a trick to give him a false …
  • Chapter 26: “Change”
    Tensions between the survivors are still at peak, but with all said and done, Lucas finds a chance to examine the diagnostics data he and Nate managed to recover from the launch complex at Micro-g.
  • Chapter 27: “Scramble”
    As Nate continues to struggle with the infection seizing his body, he, his daughter, and Lucas stumble upon yet another complication that threaten to end their lives.
  • Chapter 28: “Rush”
    After the mysterious stranger forces Nate, his daughter, and Lucas to leave their shelter, they make a run for their lives through the hordes of the dead, the chances of surviving shrinking more by the second.
  • Chapter 29: “Ascent”
    After parting ways with Nate, Izzy and Lucas continue their ascent to Micro-g, smooth and steady until complications arise.
  • Chapter 30: “Watcher”
    Nate makes one last effort to survive the hordes of the undead on his hunt. Setting off an explosive charge, he hurdles it at his foes, hoping for the best.
  • Chapter 31: “Deadend”
    Lucas and Izzy arrive at the launch complex, ready to prepare their vessel for their long-awaited departure. They can only hope Nate makes it there soon.
  • Chapter 32: “Standoff”
    Nate finally reunites with his daughter and Lucas, but to his dismay, they have more bad news. However, soon all that will become the least of their worries.
  • Chapter 33: “Endurance”
    With the only way out of Goliath gone, Izzy and her father come to a breaking point. However, in their most desperate moment, an unexpected ally comes to their aid.