Goliath Fallen’s new website is live!

It wasn’t as easy as I initially thought, but it’s done! My latest novel, Goliath Fallen, is live on its new, revamped website at aclouis.com/goliathfallen. As usual, I’ll be posting chapters as I write them (30 of them are available for reading). I’m looking to update once a week, although I’m not sure yet which day.

I hope you drop by and don’t forget to subscribe!

If you’re interested in the technical part of setting up the website, read on.

Long story short, I used to run my websites with WordPress, but I found myself overwhelmed by its complexity, so I moved to Grav, a lightweight blogging platform. After a while, though, the same reason why I moved away from WordPress ended up biting me in the rear:

Grav was maybe too lightweight.

I started missing plugins real bad. Don’t get me wrong, Grav has its own plugin system but it isn’t nearly as mature and robust as WordPress. I often had to go and code stuff so things looked and behaved as I wanted, and with my time split between my full-time job and writing my novel, sitting down to code a subscribe form for three hours was a luxury I couldn’t afford anymore.

And so here I am back on WordPress.

I’m positive that the reason why I found it overwhelming was I doing things the most complex way possible. There’s a learning curve to WordPress, but once you get over it, everything just works.

And the best of all: no code needed!

I mean, I’ve had to add some CSS here and there and maybe tamper the theme a bit, but aside from minor tweaks, everything is else foolproof.

One thing I’m digging is the multi-site feature. Basically, you can have multiple blogs on a single WordPress installation, called a “network.” It also comes with an admin interface to manage your sites, and plugins and themes are installed at a network level, so you don’t have to maintain two separate WordPress blogs each one with its own settings, themes, plugins, etc.

In my case, my author website is the main one, while Goliath Fallen is the secondary. But what’s the best of it all? I can freaking use different color themes for each one!

It might seem a silly reason, but hey, branding is a thing.

I ❤️ you, WordPress. Keep being awesome!

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